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UBC Insiders Endorses: AMS Elections 2010

Please note that this post was a collaborative effort by all editors. President 1 Natalie Swift 2 Bijan Ahmadian 3 Sean Kim 4 Pak Ho Leung Do we want Haack to be the next hack? What about the wide-open race for Senate? The full list of endorsements after the jump. Effectively, this is a race [...]

SUS Elections- Turnout and Endorsements

It would seem that SUS elections are facing a record-low turnout this year. So far, voter turnout is only about 1/3 of what it was last year. Granted, elections haven’t really been promoted all that much- there have been reminders on the Science-wide email, as well as through other mailing lists. I would thus highly [...]


Here are my endorsements for the election. I’m trying to have be brief in my explanations. I do have a qualm with this election- namely, there are no candidates that really stand out, or that are particularly wonderful. So overall I find these elections sort of disappointing, but I do feel like there could be [...]

VP Administration post of awesomeness

Candidate analysis, random thoughts, EA deprecation, and who Maayan is voting for all rolled into one glorious post. Well, voting is now on for the re-vote for the fifth AMS executive position. The VP Administration race was cancelled in mid-campaign two weeks ago. Despite the fact that this cancellation was not allowed by AMS code, [...]

Maayan’s Endorsements

Well, I figure there’s no point waiting any longer. If you care, here’s who I’ll be voting for, and briefly why. I haven’t included a scientific dissection of each candidate’s pros and cons, though I’m happy to discuss this in more detail in the comments. President: Erin Rennie – I talked about this in an [...]

Endorsement: Erin Rennie for the win!

Erin Rennie. The posture of a winner! Photo Gerald Deo Tim beat me to the punch, but I swear my draft was here first. I decided to vote for Erin Rennie yesterday at around 12:15. Tim’s got good reasons to choose her; I feel similarly. She’s got council experience, reams of brains, and a far [...]

TLG’s Guide to Voting

Now don’t go and get your knickers in a knot – these aren’t endorsements. Far be it from me to, from the comfort of my 26th-story office, pass judgment on candidates I barely know, in an election in which I am ineligible to cast a vote. So rather than saying whom to vote for, I’ll [...]

Brendon’s Endorsements

Here are my endorsements, for what they’re worth. I tried to give justification behind my decisions – both why I am supporting certain candidates, and why I’m not supporting others. Please note: These are not necessarily Maayan’s endorsements, or any one else’s from the UBC Insiders, those will come later in the week. I am [...]

The Science Undergraduate Society.

It seems to me that the current undergraduate society election taking place (link), which like many bureaucratized “representative” bodies suffers from self-prescribed self-importance yet in praxis reveals to be quite disconnected from its roots, has internally been turmoiled, yet externally invisible. Allow me to call this turmoil an internal collapse – an implosion, if you [...]

How the President is voting

How is Kevin Keystone (current AMS President) voting in the AMS Elections this year?Enjoy! So I think it’s about time that I put my name behind some people running in the AMS Elections. Congratulations to every candidate – it takes serious courage to put your name on a ballot. Without further ado… President: Jeff FriedrichVP [...]

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