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Bye-Bye MacInnes Field?

C+CP has been working towards a new aquatic centre on MacInnes Field, outside of the “Area Under Review” process. The site they’re pushing for severely restricts the options that can be discussed by the working group and the public. It hinders efforts to come up with innovative solutions for all stakeholders. Hiding behind a consultant’s report makes it far more difficult for the broader community to comment on the options and the issues. Basically, everything they’re saying they don’t want the process to represent.

Gage South Petition: UBC Starts to Respond

Anyone even remotely familiar with UBC decision-making knows that a decision isn’t made at the time the decision is made. It’s made well before the decision becomes official, and usually before public consultation occurs. Based on everything that was happening behind-the-scenes, we believed that the *actual* decision point for Gage South was coming up fast.

Dear President Toope

Dear President Toope, would you like to sign my petition?

The Campaign for an Academic Gage South

We believe the “Academic” designation for Gage South is sensible and puts the academic mission of the university first. It’s a university – core land should be recognized as such and we would rather not see UBC’s land grant squandered in unfortunate ways.

UNA Board Meeting September 2011

UNA Board Meeting September 2011

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