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UBC Insiders On Air, episode 4: the Great BoG Panel of 2015

  AMS councilor Viet Vu stops by for this week’s news roundup, where we discuss UBC’s new VP, AMS governance review, Varsity athletics and transit referendum voter turnout. Then former student Board of Governors repsĀ  Tim Louman-Gardiner, Azim Wazeer, and Darren Peets join us for the great BoG panel of 2015. New VP External AMS [...]

UBC Insiders On-Air Episode 3 – Michelle Ghoussoub and Michael White

This week, we have our weekly roundup and chatting with UBC Journalism student Michelle Ghoussoub. We then have an interview with Michael White, Associate Vice-President of Campus and Community Planning.

September 2015 Senate Roundup: Piper’s Return

Overall, this a pretty dry agenda even for Senate.

UBC Insiders On-Air Episode 2 – Daniel Munro & Spencer Keys

This week, we have our weekly roundup and chatting with Spencer Keys. We then have an interview with Daniel Munro, the co-chair of the UBC Vancouver student senate caucus.

UNA Lurches Forward With Plan to Extend Reach Beyond Its Borders

The University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) is working with UBC to allow for the possibility of the UNA imposing its by-laws on and collecting revenues from residents who don’t live within its borders, an unsettling way of expanding its jurisdiction.

UBC Insiders hits the airwaves

Neal and I are excited to announce a new project connected to the blog: UBC Insiders On-Air. It’s a weekly news, analysis, and interview podcast on UBC current affairs, hosted by Neal and myself. Unsubstantiated gossip, ridicule, and dramatic re-tellings of interesting moments might be thrown in if sufficiently juicy.

If you want more transparency from UBC, ask for it.

There’s been a lot of talk about university transparency and the need for more disclosure at UBC, not just about our mysteriously disappearing president, but generally with how the university’s Board and Administration works. Instead of talking about it for one more second, please, please do something about it.

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