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Debt-Restricted, Campuses Seek Private Investment for New Housing

Universities are strapped for cash. Being debt-restricted by recession-paranoid governments, many schools are looking to alternative delivery models to meet the demand for housing stock across the country. (Bander Jumah photo #)

AMS Budget 2010/11 In Depth: Executive Cash Grab

The AMS’s 2010-11 budget is coming up for approval tonight, and it’s something councilors should be looking at very closely, as there are some concerning things in there. First of all, the format used makes it difficult to figure out exactly what’s going on sometimes. There are no actual totals from last year included, and [...]

AMS Council Agenda: July 14, 2010

First meeting in a month, but a relatively light agenda. Here’s a rundown of what’s coming up. Presentations Strategic Plan – Bijan Ahmadian Budget Committee – Elin Tayyar/Ben Cappellacci Vague titles, but you can guess what sorts of things will be in them. The presentation arising from the Final Report on Systemic Discrimination in the [...]

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