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More Cellphone Towers Coming to UBC

“UBC is experiencing an increasing number of requests for new voice-based cellular installations on campus and in the adjacent university neighbourhoods.”

Block F ‘Freight Train’ Tears towards UEL

Using graphic language from the world of railroads, leaders of the University Endowment Lands community sought to articulate their concerns about the coming development of a large tract of UEL forest by Musqueam First Nation at a meeting on July 16th.

Here’s the Mahony and Sons Lease

The ban on liquor stores in U-Blvd is not protecting Mahony’s from competition for something they do, it’s protecting them for something they don’t do. Even if they wanted to do off-sales, Mahony’s is unable to under the current terms of their own licence. It’s protectionism for protectionism’s sake.

Koerner’s Pub is up for grabs

Koerner’s Pub is up for grabs

Waiting For Waitlists

The annual stress that is the UBC course enrolment process has passed, for some, at least. For everyone who didn’t get into all the courses they wanted, the process remains ongoing. Fortunately for those people, two websites exist to make their lives easier.

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