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What is Student Housing For?

The Board of Governors should be able to clearly articulate an answer to the question: What is Student Housing at UBC for?

Growth of Student Housing Pays Dividends For UBC

In 2015-16, once the rent increases take effect, SHHS is forecast to pay a $7.8M dividend to the university administration. That’s about $728 for every person living in residence at UBC.

Follow the Money: How Student Rents Are Funneled Into New Construction Projects

UBC wants to build new undergrad teaching labs which will cost $80M. As is the case with many campus building projects, UBC does not have $80M. So, UBC has concocted a plan to come up with $80M. There is some complicated financial wizardry afoot.

A Guide to Student Housing Financing at UBC, Part 1

It is absolutely true that SHHS works on a cost neutral basis when considered as a self contained administrative unit. However, a lot of the costs that SHHS has to pay come from other parts of UBC – especially when it comes to capital costs. Because SHHS is part of UBC, UBC can require it to use other UBC resources, whether or not there are cheaper options available.

Bomb Threats Hamper ex-UBC Student’s Career Prospects

Bomb Threats Hamper ex-UBC Student’s Career Prospects

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