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City Steps Back from UBC Annexation Plan

The following is a guest post by John Tompkins, editor and publisher of the Wesbrook Journal, former editor of the Hampton Journal, and resident of UBC. If you would like to submit a guest post, contact us. Lack of local interest is cited; new thrust is to provide UBC more services The City of Vancouver [...]

TransitDB: Underground Bus Loop would have been completely overloaded

For those of you new to UBC and UBC Insiders, Dr. Darren Peets has already written the authoritative piece deconstructing the poor planning behind the underground bus loop. Darren would undoubtedly be proud to think that he may have literally analyzed the project to its death. Before the big news broke yesterday, UBC Insiders had [...]

A Tunnel to Nowhere?

The AMS this morning released a statement saying that UBC intends to cancel the underground bus loop project. Earlier today, Blake Frederick outlined the situation: 3 weeks ago UBC starting thinking of a contingency plan if loop wasn’t going forward, due to concerns over Translink’s funding drying up. Translink was supposed to commit $10M to [...]

AMS Council: October 21, 2009

Highlights from tonight: AMS serves intent to leave CASA as of April 1, 2010 Committee Reform Proposal UBC Thrive Week Presentation UBC Thrive Week will take place November 2-6 all over campus. It is an event to promote health and wellness on campus. Highlight: Breakfast Cooking Show with Professor Toope on Nov 2. Students are [...]

Breaking: UBC Insiders Issues First Notice to CASA, AMS to Violate Contract?

Upon receiving our tweet regarding the motion to leave CASA this evening, CASA has sent a letter, with supporting documentation, to various UBC media regarding the constitutionality of such a motion. CASA claims the AMS has two unmet obligations: that 30 days notice be given to CASA prior to leaving, and that one full membership-year be [...]

Come on feel the noise

The UNA just started a public consultation about their proposed noise bylaw which runs until November 9. This process has been ongoing since well before the appearance of Bill 13, which would give UBC the ability to regulate noise all over campus. The University Neighbours’ Agreement, the document which defines the governance of the UNA, [...]

Costeloe, First-Ever Student Vice-Chair of Vancouver Senate

Just confirmed with the Senate Secretariat that Mr. Geoff Costeloe, of Terry fame, was elected to the position of Vice-Chair of the Vancouver Senate this Wednesday. This is the first time a student has been elected to the position since its creation in 1916. No one formally asked for the tally, but I’m told it [...]

Planning the Unplannable

The following is a guest post written by Dr. Darren Peets, former student Board of Governors representative and campus planning aficionado. We invited Darren to offer a critical retrospective on campus planning procedures, and to offer a solution. Dr. Peets is currently working as a post-doc in Japan. I was invited to write a short [...]

Province Expands Board Powers, Creates Oligarchy?

The Province tabled a bill yesterday to expand the powers of the Board of Governors, in response to asks from the University Neighbourhoods Association and the Board. It represents a stark change in the authority of the Board, giving it municipal powers such as the ability to regulate, prohibit and fine those in contravention. The bill, [...]

No More Hospice Behind Marine Drive

Just got a mail from the planning department: St. John Hospice will not be built behind Marine Drive! There is much to rejoice here, as it points to something in the planning cycle working. Here’s the letter that made my morning. Alex: This email is a follow-up to your feedback received concerning the Development Permit [...]

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