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Gordo In Da House

Ah, election day. The day I walk into the SUB for my morning coffee and notice over a dozen cameramen and reporters just milling about in the concourse. Were there more bonfires last night? Another murder in the park? Doesn’t seem likely. Who’s that grey-haired man with snazzy glasses walking in with an entourage? Why [...]

AMS Council: May 6, 2009

After a month-long break for exams, AMS council met tonight. Highlights: AMS to reimburse AUS $35,062.04 for accumulated Arts County Fair debt. Azim Wazeer, Joel Mertens and Josh Sealy recommended as new student senators Lots of committee appointments Whistler Lodge improvements External Office to stop distributing some provincial election campaign materials deemed partisan, must remove [...]

UBC in the news

I definitely don’t want to turn into a news aggregator blog, but there have been a number of UBC news items lately that I thought were interesting and wanted to share. And trust me, I think it’s totally lame when I read something that is just a recap of other stories I’ve already read or [...]

Pierre Shakes It Up

Pierre Ouillet, UBC’s recently hired VP Finance, Resources, Operations is getting down to business. In a memo dated April 2, significant changes to the structure of many units in his portfolio were outlined. At first, it may seem strange that one of the stated aims was “an imperative to streamline and simplify our organizational structure [...]

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