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School of Kinesiology Holds Successful Tuition Referendum

This referendum result should not stand.

Counterpoint: Living Lab is much more than a gimmick

John Robinson, UBC’s Associate Provost of Sustainability, and professor in IRES and the Geography department, responds to Maayan’s critical take on UBC as a Living Lab. Living Lab concept and post-normal science The term “living lab” was invented by me in the context of the CIRS project. It was only later, at my suggestion, that [...]

Calling partial bullshit on the “Living Lab” concept: can UBC really study itself?

The phrase “UBC as a Living Lab” only recently trickled into my awareness. I admit that it immediately reacted in my brain to produce a cloudy mixture of suspicion and cynicism. The words have that jargony ring of strategic plans with names like “place and promise”, and school mottoes like “a place of mind” – [...]

Arvind Gets Ready to Rebuild

Now the rebuilding begins. Hopefully it means we’ll get a far clearer sense for where the university is headed during Arvind’s tenure, something which has been sorely lacking up until this point.

April 2015 Senate Roundup: Imaginary Censure

Senate Roundup, April 2015

University Boulevard planning, six years later. Plus ca change…

The idea that there should be housing in this area has been the central (centrally contested, and centrally unchanged) ingredient in the U-Blvd area from the get go. But it’s still expensive, it’ s still on top of a polluting bus loop, and it’s still fundamentally adding a lot of residential density to the academic core and gateway of the campus.

The End of “BZZR” is Nigh! Changes to provincial liquor laws should force UBC to modernize its liquor licence approvals.

Starting April 20, you will be able to apply for a Special Occasion Licence online. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes and you can do it in your underwear.

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