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Translink Transportation Fairs

Translink’s hosting some Transportation fairs…

Gage South: Condos on the Bus Loop

UBC wants to put non-student housing on the bus loop, right beside MacInnes Field. What a terrible idea.

Thunderbird Neighbourhood: The Impossible Density Transfer

The Land Use Plan amendments are proposing to transfer housing density from the Thunderbird neighbourhood to other areas of campus. Unfortunately, there’s a slight problem with this proposal: it’s impossible.

A Place of Mind Your Own Business

Stephen Owen often champions the UBC Farm campaign as an example of successful governance at UBC. In fact, it’s the opposite: having to get 15,000 signatures on a petition reveals a failure in governance because no one took their concerns seriously before that point. Now is the time people’s concerns should be taken seriously about the LUP, and they’re not doing it.

Land Use Plan Revisions: A Massive Conflict of Interest. From Here.

In case you hadn’t heard, UBC’s Land Use Plan (LUP) is up for review. given that UBC is also the sole property owner and primary developer on campus, it’s a clear conflict of interest that they are also the ones regulating the land on campus. Rather than recognizing this conflict of interest and recusing themselves from this responsibility, UBC has decided to do the exact opposite, actively pursuing control over the land, and are now undertaking a major revision of the LUP.

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