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Who Do Elected Board Members Represent? Not You.

The elected members of the Board represent the university, and no one else.

Notes on a Farce

From outside the room, today’s secret Board meeting was a disrespectful farce brought to you by a bunch of people who think they’re the smartest people in the room, and that everyone else on campus is a complete fucking moron.

Open letter to the UBC Development Office And Donors

Dear UBC Development Office and Donors, I want to express my gratitude to the UBC Development Office. Recently, you sent me an unusually thought-provoking survey. It mentioned a scholarship I had been awarded as a second-year undergraduate student, way back in 2003. You explained that you were hoping to encourage donors to keep donating, so [...]

Last UBC Presidential Search Cost $430,000

In addition to Gupta’s $450,000 severance, hiring the next president will cost just as much too.

Where in the World is John Montalbano?

To summarize, John Montalbano and Lindsay Gordon do not have offices. They cannot be reached by email. They cannot be reached by phone. The two most powerful men at UBC are ghosts.

Why Gupta’s Getting Severance for Quitting

It’s in his contract.

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