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AUS Election Results

AUS Election Results

SUS election results

SUS Elections: Some final notes.

SUS and AUS elections are drawing to a close today – but if you’re in Science and haven’t voted, I’d consider doing so.

AUS Candidate Profiles: Senate

The Arts Student Senator is one of eighteen students who sit on the Senate – the highest academic governing body of the university. Upcoming issues include changes to the summer semester and exam databases, while business as usual includes course curriculum changes, academic appeals, and degree requirements.

AUS Candidate Profiles: AMS Representatives

Arts AMS Representatives represent Arts students’ interests on Council. Likewise, Arts AMS Representatives should work towards providing consistent and accurate information to Arts students on AMS issues (not just during referendum times). Issues which may arise (or continue to be discussed) in the upcoming year include student housing, transit, governance, tuition and student loans.

AUS Candidate Profiles: President

The President is essentially the face of the organization. In order to fulfil the role effectively, the President must be firm in outlining priorities for the AUS and setting an agenda for the year. This must be balanced with flexibility and adaptability to coordinate a strong and dynamic executive.

The Case for CASA

The AMS has been an Associate Member of CASA for 3 years now, and I am advocating that we either shit, or get off the pot.

The Cost for CASA

The portfolio is now financially robust, but the AMS should still think long and hard about financing their priorities, which need to become provincial lobbying.

AUS Candidate Profiles: VP Student Services

In February, the role of VP Administration was renamed to VP Student Services to better reflect the nature of the role; that is, to provide services such as maintaining MASS, booking meeting rooms, locker rentals, and coordinating the ever-popular Free Cookie Day.

AUS Candidate Profiles: VP Student Life

The newly-created position of VP Student Life oversees all social events put on by the AUS, including Arts Week and Orientations activities. The VP Student Life will work closely with the Social Coordinators, Promotions Coordinator, as well as volunteers in order to put on successful events.

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