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AUS Candidate Profiles: VP Academic, VP Finance

A rundown of the candidates for the uncontested races (VP Internal, VP External, VP Academic, VP Finance). Candidates for VP Internal and VP External did not submit a response.

EUS Election Results and Analysis – Part I

Lin Watt and Nick Sertic break down the recent EUS elections.

Headlines for Hacks, March 2011

Student Evaluations of Teaching case rejected by supreme court. UNA by-laws still unenforceable. UBC to NCAA a done deal? CASA AGM at UBC. UBC Votes. Point Grey By-election.

AMS Referendum Results

The question everyone was waiting for: The fee changes passed by 52%.

Candidates announced for SUS elections

Candidates running in the Science Undergraduate Society general elections were announced at the all-candidates’ meeting today.

AUS Elections: Let the games begin!

Well, they’re off! Here is the list of candidates for the 2011 AUS General Election. This page will be updated regularly to include last names, campaign websites and social media links, so stay tuned!

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Endorse “Yes” for the Fee Referendum

Actual deficits mean actual cuts.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Fee Referendum*

*But weren’t told by the people who stand to gain from it.

New Developments in the War on Fun

Recent changes to laws surrounding Special Occasion Licences are both illogical and potentially devastating to the AMS.

Science, Arts Undergraduate Societies to Undergo Changes to Code

SUS and AUS undergoing changes to code

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