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Headlines for Hacks – June 2010

It’s been a bit quiet around Insiders lately: writing long posts take work, and we’d rather be enjoying the sunshine. But that doesn’t mean things have stopped happening. Make sure to check out AMS Confidential’s News for N00bs for the latest news (and lulz!); rather than overlap, we’ll come up with our own alliterative title [...]

Getting there…

Added social media buttons, updated/redid content on bottom-bar pages. Still gotta figure out blockquote/adsense/paypal, make the pages look nice, and some minor graphical tweaks, but then it’s launch!


All old articles uploaded, recategorized and retagged. This editor is going to sleep.


Sorting through 542 old posts into new 5 category system. Most published Insiders writer: Maayan. Second most: Neal.

Design design design…

Design phase complete. Now porting over old posts, then curating!

The Fallacy of Absolute Grading

There’s a common assumption many students, media, and parents hold. It’s an assumption that’s flat out wrong, and only those who don’t understand how academic institutions work hold it. It runs wild in the media, in parents’ minds, and is abused by many for cheap political gain.

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