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Million Dollar Condo Lessees Complain About Site of Research Hospice

Citing “culture and religion”, a number of residents of Promontory (2688 West Mall) are complaining about the proposed location of St. John Hospice. “Eighty percent of the resident in Promotory are Asian,”(sic) said Janet Fan, resident and organizer of the opposition to the site via email, “having dying people in our backyard is against our culture and religion.”

Translink Transportation Fairs

Translink’s hosting some Transportation fairs…

Best Buy University

Ever since Pierre Ouillet was hired on as Vice President Finance, Resources and Operations, we’ve been noticing a trend with UBC’s relatively recent hires (well, most have been here for about a year now. We’re behind, ok.) (Dave King photo, modified by Alex. CC by-nc-sa 2.0)


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Debt-Restricted, Campuses Seek Private Investment for New Housing

Universities are strapped for cash. Being debt-restricted by recession-paranoid governments, many schools are looking to alternative delivery models to meet the demand for housing stock across the country. (Bander Jumah photo #)

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The Fallacy of Absolute Grading

There’s a common assumption many students, media, and parents hold. It’s an assumption that’s flat out wrong, and only those who don’t understand how academic institutions work hold it. It runs wild in the media, in parents’ minds, and is abused by many for cheap political gain.

Graduation Ceremonies Underway

Just a quick post to let everyone know the 2010 congregation ceremonies are taking place this week. Yesterday, English, Econ and other small arts programs crossed the stage. Today it’s more of the same, including Poli Sci, Law and Education. Telestudios airs a live stream of the ceremonies, unfortunately using Microsoft proprietary platforms (.asx and [...]

New SUB Lease Signed

Over the course of the next hour, the New SUB Lease agreements will be signed. We’re currently at the AMS Council meeting, trying to figure out the details. Of current particular note: 1. The AMS will retain any space needed to meet its programming needs in the Old SUB. In 8 years after the building’s [...]

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