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UBC Insiders On Air, Episode 18 – ARVIND-SANITY!

Wow. What a week. Dr. Gupta’s on the show this week, along with student Senator Gurvir Sangha and Faculty Association President Mark Mac Lean.

UBC’s Leadership Crisis Revealed in Unintentionally Leaked Gupta Docs

This is by far the clearest picture anyone has had so far of the crisis leading up to the resignation. If the criticisms in John Montalbano’s letters to Gupta are to be believed, the rumors that Gupta was feared by his Executive team, facing mutiny from the Deans, and experiencing mounting distrust from the Board of Governors all seem to be true, with problems connecting to the Public Affairs department, and a weak staff in the presidential office to make matters worse.

UBC Insiders On Air, Episode 17 – Everything Presidential

We’re back in the first episode of 2016! This week we delve into the UBC presidential search, and play some tape from the open town hall, as well as an on-location interview with Chancellor Lindsay Gordon. The presidential atmosphere continues with pleasing symmetry, as AMS president Aaron Bailey rejoins us too.

January 2016 Senate Roundup: Annual Report Edition

Senate Roundup, January 2016

Presidential Search Town Hall Looks for Unicorn Candidate

The ideal UBC President turns out to be a unicorn – magical and sparkly but unfortunately non-existent. Ultimately, people who spoke at the town hall weren’t narrowly expressing what they expected from the single individual who will become UBC’s next president, but broadly from the university’s leadership as a whole.

Full, heavily redacted version of the Smith Report released

The full report, after having gone through UBC’s severing process, arguably contains even less information than the executive summary which was released on October 15, 2015.

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