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The bylaw the UNA deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

Yes, children make noise when they’re running around and having fun and that might be annoying. It’s a known design defect and no software patch has yet been developed to fix this bug. However, complaining about noise from a playground is something that makes you look like the crankiest of cranky old coots.

Save the Farm… Again

Here’s an idea to make the future of the UBC Farm even more secure: put it into BC’s Agricultural Land Reserve.

BoG Releases Final Plan to Do Nothing on Student Housing Affordability

While the moves made by BoG in the last few years to enable the building of lots of new student housing are very welcome and full credit should be given to them, it won’t possibly meet its potential if the affordability aspect continues to be ignored.

Here’s Why The UBC Liquor Store Moved

Saying Wesbrook Place is a “better location” for a liquor store implies that some sort of fomal comparison was made between two or more locations, based on a measurable set of criteria. This did not happen.

Everything Old is New Again

Everything Old is New Again

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