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Divestment Double Standard

In making the decision not to divest, it’s a pretty clear double standard being applied – the old paternalistic chestnut of “do as I say, not as I do”. This decision should hopefully make clear that the Board’s difficulties with governance, engagement, and decision-making go well beyond the Gupta Affair and are built into how they conduct themselves on other big issues too.

Presidential Search Town Hall Looks for Unicorn Candidate

The ideal UBC President turns out to be a unicorn – magical and sparkly but unfortunately non-existent. Ultimately, people who spoke at the town hall weren’t narrowly expressing what they expected from the single individual who will become UBC’s next president, but broadly from the university’s leadership as a whole.

My application for the UBC Board of Governors

It turns out that the Board Resourcing and Development Office, the arm of the provincial government that makes appointments to provincial boards, is always accepting applications to be a UBC Governor. Anyone can apply! So, without further ado…

If you want more transparency from UBC, ask for it.

There’s been a lot of talk about university transparency and the need for more disclosure at UBC, not just about our mysteriously disappearing president, but generally with how the university’s Board and Administration works. Instead of talking about it for one more second, please, please do something about it.

Notes on a Farce

From outside the room, today’s secret Board meeting was a disrespectful farce brought to you by a bunch of people who think they’re the smartest people in the room, and that everyone else on campus is a complete fucking moron.

The Board of Governors Wants You To Be Ignorant

The highest governing body of a very large public institution is trying to withdraw from the public eye.

University Boulevard planning, six years later. Plus ca change…

The idea that there should be housing in this area has been the central (centrally contested, and centrally unchanged) ingredient in the U-Blvd area from the get go. But it’s still expensive, it’ s still on top of a polluting bus loop, and it’s still fundamentally adding a lot of residential density to the academic core and gateway of the campus.

#AMSElections Ballots of Notable People: Christopher Roach

UBC Insiders has asked current Board of Governors Representative and Student Senator Christopher Roach his thoughts about the AMS elections and how he is voting. And remember to vote for us in the VFM contest! President One of the hardest things about being president of a student society is remembering your role. The best president [...]

#AMSElections Ballots of Notable People: Colúm Connolly

UBC Insiders has asked current Graduate Student Society President and AMS Councillor Colúm Connolly his thoughts about the AMS elections and how he is voting. And remember to vote for us in the VFM contest! Vice-President External Affairs First off, because of my involvement in the Alliance of BC Students and the Canadian Alliance of [...]

#AMSElections Ballots of Notable People: Anne Kessler

UBC Insiders has asked current AMS Vice-President Academic and Student Senator Anne Kessler her thoughts about the Senate election and how she is voting. And remember to vote for us in the VFM contest! The UBC Senate race is often joked about in the UBC blogosphere because there are so many candidates. How do you [...]

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