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Whose student housing plan is better?

Please remember to vote for us in the Voter Funded Media contest! The decisions giving rise to #iamastudent (though, as an external observer, it is unclear to me whether this continues to have any meaningful momentum) include both the tuition increase to international students and the significant increase in student housing pricing.  Unfortunately the 20% [...]

Let’s Stop Electing Executives

Please remember to vote for us in the Voter Funded Media contest! Probably as a result of the many candidate dropouts, the election has been a lot more dull at this stage of the campaign than expected and I am compelled to ask a 10,000 foot question: What the hell are we doing here? By that [...]

Ultra Vires

Please remember to vote for us in the Voter Funded Media contest! Ultra vires is one of those annoying phrases that law students learn in first year and start throwing around like it cost them $100+ to learn, but it’s latin for “beyond the powers”. At this moment Student Council is debating… I couldn’t really say. [...]

What is Student Housing For?

The Board of Governors should be able to clearly articulate an answer to the question: What is Student Housing at UBC for?

Random. Precedent Setting. Undergrad. Cash Grab.

Another year, another attempt at a random precedent setting undergrad cash grab from UBC. This year’s version is the proposed Bachelor of International Economics (BIE), a new degree program in the Vancouver School of Economics (VSE), a new school in the faculty of Arts.

The bylaw the UNA deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

Yes, children make noise when they’re running around and having fun and that might be annoying. It’s a known design defect and no software patch has yet been developed to fix this bug. However, complaining about noise from a playground is something that makes you look like the crankiest of cranky old coots.

Dear CUPE 2278

I was moved to write this letter precisely because I feel TA union leadership prioritized their own opinions and aims over the opinions and best interests of UBC TAs. UBC TAs deserved comprehensive information and a balanced, open forum for discussion. In this respect union leadership failed its members and failed UBC. UBC TAs deserve better.

Dear President Toope

Dear President Toope, would you like to sign my petition?

Decision Day for NCAA

Simply put, there are advantages as well as risks associated with NCAA membership. The advantages will only benefit the small minority of students in the varsity program. Meanwhile, the risks are assumed by the entire UBC community. On the whole, I don’t believe UBC will be better off as a member of the NCAA.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Endorse “Yes” for the Fee Referendum

Actual deficits mean actual cuts.

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