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Campus 2020

The Campus 2020 report was released today. Click here to see the site. Warning – it’s 114 pages long. You’ll recall this is the province’s exercise in “re-thinking” the post-secondary education system and providing a vision for the future. It’s long. I’d read it but it’s hockey night and I’m packing up and leaving my [...]

Grad School

Sigh.. since I’m graduating and looking at 10 more years of school (I wish I was kidding) here are a few links for your amusement: On being a graduate student (Simpson Style) Take 2

Spotted on campus yesterday

So I attended two events on campus yesterday, and rubbed shoulders with a some IMPORTANT PEOPLE as a result. And we all love to hear about important people, and their doings. Moreover, serious journalism inevitably gives way to tabloidy filler, (at least during exams when actually doing research is impossible). S0, event #1 was a [...]

Lobbying: by Tim

From the archives, circa 2007. Insiders alumnus Tim Louman-Gardiner, now a practising lawyer, waxes polemic about effective student advocacy.

Virginia Tech Shootings

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the campus shootings at Virginia Tech. Tragic, sad, shocking… all barely begin to describe it. It raises thoughts. Like when there’s a shooting at 7am and a murderer known to be at large, why don’t you lock down the campus and cancel classes to avoid exactly what happened two [...]

From xkcd. Good luck with exams everyone.

Dr. Carl Wieman Speaks!

On Friday I sat down with Nobel-laureate in physics, Dr. Carl Wieman to ask about the 12 million dollar science education initiative he’s heading up at UBC to improve undergraduate courses for the science masses. I wrote a post about the basics of the initiative earlier, so I won’t repeat them now. You can find [...]

Governance Part II: UBC Properties Trust

Once again, this is inspired by Tristan Markle’s excellent letter to the Ubyssey. He identifies UBC Properties Trust as a key driving force in the U.Blvd decision. He’s quite right. But the UBCPT question is one that’s far more broad than UBlvd; in fact, I’d argue it’s a fundamental threat to the University’s governance. So, [...]

UBC Student falls off roof top, now in serious condition

This is taken from the RCMP website. Whoever the person in serious condition is, we wish them a speedy recovery.UBC student falls off roof top, now in serious condition at VHG Vancouver, UBC: Charges are pending against another student. On April 12th, 2007 at approximately 02:20 pm, RCMP members of the University of British-Columbia Detachment [...]

Boycott Mahony&Sons

oops, I think the image is by Greg Stegeman

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