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UBC Starts 2011/2012 Tuition Consultation

This will not come as a shock to anyone, but UBC is planning to raise tuition this year.

AMS Elections Results 2011

Your new AMS Executive: McElroy, Parson, Silley, Tyson, Tayyar

Ballots of Notable People: Andrew Carne’s Disendorsements for All!

Note: These are my personal views, and not necessarily that of the Insiders editorial team. Those of you who’ve talked with me lately might notice an air of ‘not caring’ is more prevalent these days. I have in fact been trying to reduce my addiction to student politics, but elections are trying. That said, it’s [...]

Ballots of Notable People: Azim Wazeer

The following piece is my endorsements and additional commentary on the race to become the next AMS President. I promise that it’s not as long as some of my more recent work. All the best to all the candidates!

UBC Insiders Presidential Endorsement 2011

We feel that Jeremy is the best candidate for the job because at the end of the day he is the one with the most hands on knowledge and an intimate understanding of what the position entails.

Council Poll 2011!

At the Jan 12 AMS Council meeting, we took a poll of councilors to see how they would vote if the election were that day. As an experiment, we used a two-sided ballot: First Past the Post on one side and Condorcet results on the other. Results below. First Past the Post Results Winners are [...]

UBC Insiders Endorses: AMS Elections 2011

These candidates are also the ones that we feel will serve the student population most faithfully and truly listen when students raise concerns.

Race: President

Neither candidate has made it clear what their pet project might be this year but please dear god don’t make it another talent show.

Race: Board of Governors

Board members are privy to a vast amount of information about UBC, as essentially every major decision is passed by the Board. They also have a unique opportunity to speak before the Board about student issues, and ensure that major developments at UBC are not negatively impacting quality of education or the student experience.

Senate: Debunking the Myths

There seems to be confusion over what the UBC Senate does, perpetuated in large part by AJ Hajir Haijian’s website. Because AJ is a current student senator, in my role as Chair of the Student Senate Caucus I feel that it is important that the record be set straight to avoid unrealistic expectations for the incoming student senators. -Joël Mertens

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