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Race: VP External

The Vice-President External, is the person who, if doing a good job, isn’t around on campus much. Responsible for advocating to the provincial and federal governments as well as other student societies, the VPX is one of the most difficult roles to enter in to without a strong understanding of the Canadian student movement and [...]

Race: Senate

The Senate is the highest governing body which deals with academic issues, including drafting the academic calendar and approving new courses, programs, and curriculum changes. Naturally, we wanted to know what their favorite internet meme is.

Race: VP Academic and University Affairs

The Land Use Plan amendments of the past year demonstrate how the VP Academic and University Affairs position can be involved in activities that have lasting impacts on the future face of campus. And it’s far from over.

LIVEBLOG: AMS Elections Debate @ Totem

We will be liveblogging today’s Senate, VP External and President debate at Totem Park residence at 5 pm. Please feel free to join in the discussion! AMS Elections Debate at Totem: Senate, VP External, President

Race: VP Finance

The VP Finance has the most thankless job of the executive, noticed only when problems arise. Tasked with crafting a budget to spend millions of dollars in three months, there’s little the VP Finance can do to shake up the status-quo in their most important task.

Race: VP Administration

The portfolio of the VP Administration is pretty straightforward. If it happens in the building, then they need to be a part of the discussion.

Student Legal Fund Society

From the rather sparse SLFS website, the society’s mission is “to provide advisory, legal, and financial assistance to initiate and continue advocacy, lobbying, and litigation, to improve education and access to education at UBC and other such matters of law which set broad precedent and concern UBC students.” In 2009, the SLFS put forward $18 [...]

Million Dollar Condo Lessees Complain About Site of Research Hospice

Citing “culture and religion”, a number of residents of Promontory (2688 West Mall) are complaining about the proposed location of St. John Hospice. “Eighty percent of the resident in Promotory are Asian,”(sic) said Janet Fan, resident and organizer of the opposition to the site via email, “having dying people in our backyard is against our culture and religion.”

News in Brief: Shaban’s Candidacy Restored, Toope Comes to Council

Omar Shaban Disqualified, Re-instated Over Nomination Form; President Toope Coming to AMS Council; Gaza Flotilla Donation Still Not Resolved; GSS Passes Bylaw Reforms, Except For Council Size Reduction; AMS Gets New Health Plan Provider

Announcing: The Presidential Debate

Presented by the UBC Insiders, the Ubyssey and the UBC CSI, we are proud to announce the second (hopefully annual) Presidential Debate. One hour of questions, intended to point out differences between the candidate.

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