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A close reading of GSS president Tobias Friedel’s “apology”

Is it time to breakout the #fakeapology hashtag again? We think so. As covered last week, and discussed in this week’s podcast, all is not well over at the Graduate Student Society, where a report that ought to have been the cornerstone of its policy and advocacy on the topic of sexual assault was instead [...]

UBC Insiders On Air, Episode 22 – A look forward at the AMS, a look back at the GSS

This week Anne Kessler, former AMS VP Academic and University Affairs, now of the Talon, joins us for a breakdown of all the major AMS elections races and referenda. Our feature interview is with Gabrielle John, former Advocacy Officer the the Graduate Student Society, about her report on UBC’s sexual assault reporting processes that GSS President Tobias Friedel tried to conceal from pretty much everyone else in the society. Neal also reflects on his experiences as a GSS employee.

Michael Korenberg and Beverlee Park appointed to UBC Board of Governors

Yesterday, the BC Government appointed two new members to the UBC Board of Governors, Michael Korenberg and Beverlee Park. They also follow the appointments of Kevin Ross Smith and Sandra Cawley in December. The Board’s membership is once again at its full capacity of 21 members, including 11 appointed by the provincial government.

Deputy Minister of Advanced Education appointed to College Board

On February 12, 2016, Sandra Carroll was appointed to the Board of Governors of the College of New Caledonia, based in Prince George. It looked like a fairly mundane matter except for one thing – Sandra Carroll is the Deputy Minister of Advanced Education, working directly under Minister Wilkinson, in the same ministry that provides funding and oversight to institutions such as the College of New Caledonia.

UBC Insiders On Air, Episode 21 – Governance Pro Tips

This week Emily Blake of CiTR’s News 101 joins us to talk about UBC’s sexual assault external investigation, the interminable saga of the Board of Governors, and AMS elections. Our feature interview is with Dr. Julie Cafley, a Vice-President at Canada’s Public Policy Forum, (an independent think tank based in Ottawa) who did her PhD [...]

Graduate Student Society attempts to bury own report on campus sexual violence

The UBC Graduate Student Society (GSS) is attempting to suppress its own report critiquing UBC’s response to sexual assault complaints. UBC Insiders received copies of it from two separate individuals and after communicating with its author, Gabrielle John, we have decided to post it. The report, titled Strengthening Accountability Surrounding Issues of Sexual Violence: How [...]

UBC Insiders On Air, Episode 20 – David Eby and Jessica Schmidt

This week, news with Jessica Schmidt of Her Campus UBC, and a feature interview with Vancouver Point Gray MLA and all-round cool guy Dave Eby.

UBC Insiders On Air, Episode 19 – Board Protests and Divestment

The Board of Governors meetings this week provided more than enough fodder for this week’s whole episode. We talk about more secret meetings, play some tape from protests of the Board, discuss UBC’s decision not to divest, and the return of Fire Hydrant. Our interviews this week are with Alex Hemingway of UBC C350 and Milan Ilnyckyj of Toronto 350. They walk us through divestment and why it is entirely compatible with fiduciary duty.

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