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UBC Insiders On Air, Episode 9 – Paul Bucci and Sheldon Goldfarb

This week, former Ubyssey editor-in-chief and Syrup Trap co-conspirator Paul Bucci joins us on the news beat. For our interview, we talk to Sheldon Goldfarb, the long time archivist of the AMS.

Amendments to Bill 41 Clarify Future of Student Society Fee Collection

Protected fees may now include “fees to support the activities and operations of a student society, including, without limitation, association fees and membership fees”.

School of Kinesiology Outspent Entire KUS Budget on Student Referendum

If the student support expressed during this referendum is a genuine reflection of the opinion of the Kinesiology student body, why did the School of Kinesiology feel compelled to mount a $40,000, 16-month campaign?

School of Kinesiology documents show 16-month involvement in student referendum

Am I the only one who thinks it’s unacceptable for university departments to hire staff whose explicit goal is to pass a student referendum?

UBC Insiders On Air, episode 8 – Moira Warburton and John Robinson

On this week’s show, Moira Warburton of the Ubyssey joins us for the weekly roundup. We talk about a change to the society act, tuition policy, election, and the Ubyssey’s recent features spread, “Whose Campus” We then talk to UBC’s sustainability guru John Robinson over skype from Toronto. John has just left UBC after 23 [...]

Provincial Bill Could Expand Student Society Fee Refunds

A new Bill was introduced in BC’s provincial legislature today which would allow university and college students in BC to potentially see a portion of their student fees refunded if they resign their membership in their student society.

October 2015 Senate Roundup: More details about the Arvind guy, please?

Motion: That Senate calls on the President to approach the Board of Governors and Professor Gupta and have them renegotiate the terms of his resignation agreement so that both the University and Professor Gupta are able to speak more fully to the reasons for his resignation.

UBC Insiders On Air, episode 7 – Mark Mac Lean

  This week, Neal and I do the news roundup by our lovely selves.  We then interview Mark Mac Lean, the president of the UBC faculty association, about the FA’s role in the the aftermath of the Gupta resignation, and his thoughts about the Berdahl affair, university governance, and advocacy. Some episode links: The AMS [...]

International Tuition Increases – 5 year plan

UBC has announced its latest round of substantial tuition hikes for international students. For most undergraduate programs, it will be increasing in the 40-50% range over three years. For some graduate programs the increases are up to 100%. Consultations will be held with students, but these will be limited it to where the university should [...]

Shit UBC Says: Take our Money and Trust Us

UBC C+CP’s penchant for playing fast and loose with development rules has necessitated a revision of the UNA Neighbours Agreement. In formulating the plan and pushing it forward, UBC has lied to the UNA and promised them free money to gain their cooperation in a plan that would allow for the quiet expansion of private housing on campus, going against all the plans that are on the books.

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