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UBC Insiders On Air, Episode 6: Anne Kessler and Joanne Fox

On this week’s show Anne Kessler, former AMS VP Academic and current member of the editorial collective of The Talon, joins us for the weekly news roundup. For our feature interview, we’re joined by Dr. Joanne Fox, who is the Principal and Academic Director of Vantage College, UBC’s special-purpose program aimed at first-year international students.

UBC, A Food Desert

A new grocery store opened up recently in the New SUB. That’s great news, because UBC is a food desert! What’s meant by a food desert? Here’s a quick experiment. Count up the mid-size and large grocery retailers in the lower mainland and sort them by municipality*. Then, compare that with Metro Vancouver’s current and [...]

It’s Official: Board Member Contact Info Considered Private

Earlier this year, I filed a Freedom of Information (FOI) request with the province’s Board Resourcing and Development Office (BRDO). They are responsible for managing appointments to various provincial boards. This includes the boards of all public universities in the province, but also things like hospital boards, police boards, marketing boards, and others (you could [...]

UBC Insiders On Air, episode 5: Arno Rosenfeld and Hannah Wittman

  On this week’s show, Ubyssey features editor Arno Rosenfeld joins us for the weekly news roundup, and to discuss his cover story on a leaked UBC seismic report. We also talk about the new grocery store at the SUB, food poisoning at the Harvest Feast, UBC’s centennial, and comic relief at the Board of [...]

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