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Joel Solomon Vs. Board of Governors

Joel Solomon is one of the provincial appointees currently serving on the UBC Board of Governors. He’s a finance guy, but also an environmentalist. I recently read his book The Clean Money Revolution and decided to do a compare-and-contrast of its contents to stated UBC Board of Governors policy. Take a look at the following [...]

Unnecessarily pitting visitors vs community: MacInnes field parkade

If you, like me, have found yourself idly wondering why the site of the new MacInnes field has been sitting as a desolate, soggy pit of disgusting gravel-water over the last 6 months since the demolition of the old aquatic centre was completed, well, now you know: yet another expensive and unnecessary underground construction project [...]

New loophole in BC domestic tuition cap: a gchat dialogue.

UBC got some flack this year for their mega tuition increases for international students. Domestic students have been spared from drastic changes in the cost of education in recent years thanks to a BC government policy limiting tuition+fee increases to 2% a year since 2005. But that policy is very quietly being reinterpreted. I have [...]

UBC Insiders On Air, episode 26: from reddit to rowing

In this, our very last week of regular programming, we talk to UBC’s nerdiest and jock-iest constituencies! We have John Harvey for news (an engineering student and moderator of reddit’s /r/ubc). We discuss developments at the faculty association, the University Neighborhood Association’s financial woes, and the latest and concluding chapter of GuptaGate. For our feature [...]

UBC Insiders On Air, Episode 25: Tax Ingenuity and University Inidgineity

This week we are joined for topical chats with Alex Usher, of Higher Education Strategy Associates (and post-secondary education lifer). Our main interview this week is with Linc Kesler, the Director of the First Nations House of Learning at UBC, to talk about UBC’s aboriginal agenda. SUBSCRIBE to the podcast feed by searching for “UBC [...]

UBC Insiders On Air, Episode 23 – Ingrid Parent

This week Moira Warburton and Tanner Bokor join us to talk news and elections, although voting is basically over. For our feature interview, we welcome Ingrid Parent, the University Librarian.

A close reading of GSS president Tobias Friedel’s “apology”

Is it time to breakout the #fakeapology hashtag again? We think so. As covered last week, and discussed in this week’s podcast, all is not well over at the Graduate Student Society, where a report that ought to have been the cornerstone of its policy and advocacy on the topic of sexual assault was instead [...]

UBC Insiders On Air, Episode 21 – Governance Pro Tips

This week Emily Blake of CiTR’s News 101 joins us to talk about UBC’s sexual assault external investigation, the interminable saga of the Board of Governors, and AMS elections. Our feature interview is with Dr. Julie Cafley, a Vice-President at Canada’s Public Policy Forum, (an independent think tank based in Ottawa) who did her PhD [...]

Graduate Student Society attempts to bury own report on campus sexual violence

The UBC Graduate Student Society (GSS) is attempting to suppress its own report critiquing UBC’s response to sexual assault complaints. UBC Insiders received copies of it from two separate individuals and after communicating with its author, Gabrielle John, we have decided to post it. The report, titled Strengthening Accountability Surrounding Issues of Sexual Violence: How [...]

UBC Insiders On Air, Episode 20 – David Eby and Jessica Schmidt

This week, news with Jessica Schmidt of Her Campus UBC, and a feature interview with Vancouver Point Gray MLA and all-round cool guy Dave Eby.

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