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So You Want to be AMS President?

I am not making any endorsements, or disendosements for that matter, in any race this year. In the wake of last year’s unfortunate endorsement controversies, from which I am not exempted, I feel it would be both hypocritical and in poor taste for me to comment on the candidates themselves. Instead, I hope to paint a picture of what life in the President’s office is like, and what qualities I think candidates need to demonstrate if they are to be successful as President.

BoG Endorsements!

In a race with only two spots available, to have 7 candidates who all demonstrated a good level of understanding and engagement in the Board process is outstanding – it shows a student interest in the larger issues like we haven’t had in years’ past.

Ballots of Notable People: Elin Tayyar

The bitter impression left by Bijan in last year’s election makes executives endorsing anyone a bit hesitant. The controversy of those events will take a few years for hacks to forget. I do feel encouraged to weigh in on one race, where I think I can offer a perspective: the Board of Governors.

Race: VP Finance

The vice president finance is responsible for managing the AMS’ money, from preparing an annual budget and financial statements, to working with AMS staff, organizations, businesses, and services to monitor their spending. The vp finance also chairs the Finance Commission, ensuring AMS clubs and constituencies submit annual financial reports, sits on the board of directors [...]

Race: VP Academic

The vice president academic acts as a liaison between the student body and University administration and organizations concerning education, campus planning, and other issues relevant to the constituencies represented by the Student Council. This includes issues such as student housing, the Campus Planning process, student health and well-being, discrimination, quality of academic curriculum, and much [...]

Race: VP Administration

The Vice President Administration is responsible for the workings of the Student Union Building, from ensuring the New SUB project is on track to managing the use, maintenance, and conditions of the current building, and is responsible for ensuring SUB businesses comply with the Society’s Ethical Purchasing Policy. The Vice President Administration represents the Society [...]

Senate Endorsements!

Even candidates with NO previous experience with Senate comment that is an exceptionally slow moving body. SENATE TAKE NOTE, you have a horrible reputation. Let’s speed things up a bit. Exams, be it databases or release dates, have become a priority to students everywhere. Excellent, let’s get some movement there!

What Questions Do You Ask a Board or Senate Candidate?

In past years the number of candidates who didn’t fully understand the body they were running to be elected to was astounding.

Race: VP External

The nature of the external office is innately political, but never partisan, advocating on behalf of the student body as a whole.

The AMS Permanent* Art Collection

So, here’s the deal: The AMS owns an astonishingly great collection of Canadian art, for a group of self-centred hacks who don’t give a shit about art and haven’t for the last 50 years.

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