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More Than A Bystander

The true colours of many of UBC’s student athletes were made very clear last night. Supportive of outright sexism and harassment. Shame on them.

UNA seeks consultants to take them seriously

To campus denizens not in the Neighbourhoods, the UNA may as well just be a group of people standing on the top of Save On Foods screaming “Respect my authoritah!”

Open Textbooks Project Needs to Open Minds

This project is less about creating open textbooks, and more about convincing people to actually use them.

Random. Precedent Setting. Undergrad. Cash Grab.

Another year, another attempt at a random precedent setting undergrad cash grab from UBC. This year’s version is the proposed Bachelor of International Economics (BIE), a new degree program in the Vancouver School of Economics (VSE), a new school in the faculty of Arts.

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