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Metro Vancouver Supports UBC Farm

This morning the Metro Vancouver Board voted 30-0 in favour of a motion to send a letter to the UBC Board of Governors in support of preserving the UBC Farm at 24 hectares. The Metro Vancouver Board is comprised of representatives from the 21 municipalities in the Vancouver area (Vancouver, Richmond, Maple Ridge, etc.) and [...]

Electoral Area A Candidates Exposed

On November 15th, people will go to the polls in Metro Vancouver to vote for new municipal governments. People that live on UBC campus will also go to the polls, but they won’t be voting for mayors and councilors like everyone else since UBC is not part of any municipality, but rather part of an [...]

Nap Time

It’s the most wonderful time of year. The happy time of midterms, papers, 15+ page lab reports being due every week (I’m looking at you, physiology), presentations, and whatever else might be on students’ overflowing plates. It also happens to be the time when you notice that people’s eyes are bloodshot, when students have a [...]

Farm petition to land on President’s lap today

Today is an important milestone in advocacy for the UBC Farm, which is under threat of development to enrich UBC’s endowment. The petition that the Friends of the Farm have been circulating over the past number of weeks (you can see the online version here), has more than 15000 signatures and will be presented to [...]

Campus Shooting in US Kills 2, Injures 1

This from the Associated Press about an hour ago: CONWAY, Ark. (AP) — A shooting on the campus of the University of Central Arkansas left one person dead and two people wounded. University of Central Arkansas police said Sunday night the campus was locked down and that classes would be canceled on Monday. Little Rock [...]

A Brief History of Athletics

The Athletics and Recreation fee has been controversial ever since its introduction in 1985. As a fee imposed by the Board of Governors, there has been very little student input into the collection of this fee, the amount charged, or its uses. As a result, it has increased by a monstrous 481% over a 23 [...]

CASA Membership Downgrade was the Right Move

In the post below, Maayan expressed shock that AMS Council would change it’s position in CASA “without due diligence”. I think that Council should be praised for its prudent political decision, not accused of haphazardly voting without thinking. The concerns expressed by the AMS in the letter sent to CASA cannot be swept aside merely [...]

CASA membership downgrade? Really?

As you may have read below in Blake’s unopinionated news brief, the AMS has decided to downgrade its membership in CASA, meaning that they now cannot vote, and will pay about half as much money to the organization. Well, here’s my opinionated take on it. AMS council has allowed itself to be convinced without due [...]

AMS Council Votes to Change CASA Membership

In an apparent unanimous decision, AMS Council voted tonight to change its membership in CASA from full member to associate member. (View the AMS’s press release here.) The AMS is one of the five founding members of CASA, the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, a student federal lobby organization that is predicated on four main [...]


So most of you have probably already been bombarded with messages to vote today- I know I’ve certainly had 3 of my profs tell me a total of about 15 times to go out and vote. But even after all that, I found out that people were still not planning on it. So I figure [...]

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