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AUS Election Results

The AUS Elections happened quite recently, and the results are posted below. I’m a little bit saddened, in general, by elections of both the AUS and SUS- a fair number of the positions this year were uncontested or were yes/no votes. In fact, the UBC Debate Society’s election was more contested than either election (only [...]

Introducing Neal Yonson

Hi everyone, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Neal, who will be joining the Insiders team! Neal has already done some writing for us, as you all well know by know, and has been really passionate about some of the things going on at UBC, particularly those to do with the NCAA. [...]

Stay Safe

Some of you may have heard the news today about a woman who was killed in Pacific Spirit Park on what appears to be a random attack while she was out for a run/walk around 41st and Camosun. I just wanted to make a quick post in relation to it, as I know that with [...]

ACF Cancelled

This just in as a press release from the AUS:UBC BUREAUCRACY AND RCMP CANCEL ACF REVIVALMarch 16, 2009 – Despite months of planning and organization, Arts County Fair will not be not be revived in 2009. Approval for the Arts Undergraduate Society’s (AUS) April 3, 2009 event has been denied by the UBC Classroom Services [...]

SUS Elections

Results are as follows: PresidentJimmy Yan VP InternalAmandeep Sehra VP ExternalSumedha Sharma Director of AdministrationJennifer Fong Director of FinanceJustin Yang Director of SportsSoroush Liaghat Public Relations OfficerAnnie Yun SenatorBryan Tomlinson Social CoordinatorEugene Wong AMS RepresentativesTahara BhateMaria CirsteaJustin YangAaron Sihota

SUS Elections- Turnout and Endorsements

It would seem that SUS elections are facing a record-low turnout this year. So far, voter turnout is only about 1/3 of what it was last year. Granted, elections haven’t really been promoted all that much- there have been reminders on the Science-wide email, as well as through other mailing lists. I would thus highly [...]

SUS Elections

I have been incredibly busy the past few weeks, but I do want to remind people to vote in the SUS elections. Voting is taking place on WebCT- so be sure to vote this week! I encourage you all to go to the SUS website and check out the candidates, what they have to say, [...]

News of the Slate Hearing

Some blogs are updating with live coverage- check out the Radical Beer Tribune or the UBC Spectator. So far, Blake, Ale, and Tristan have all laid out their cases. The latter two candidates were punished for slate-like behaviour by being fined $200 each. Most of the confusion/disgruntlement seems to stem around a couple of issues: [...]

While Drama continues…

… the current president of the AMS has made some progress this year, demonstrating that the AMS can accomplish things for the students when it’s not trying to sort out elections. Hello Everyone, Thank you all for your help and for joining this group. We have succeeded. Athletic fees for students will be dropping substantially [...]

My Reaction

I promise I’ll write more, but in the meantime, here’s my reaction to it all. Be warned, it’s not very sophisticated, but comes in several steps. 1.) Sigh.2.) Plz growz up. Plz lern electrl code. Thx.3.) Why am I getting so much email?!4.) Please don’t submit complaints out of spite. Please see number 2 above.5.) [...]

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