AUS Election Results

The AUS Elections happened quite recently, and the results are posted below. I’m a little bit saddened, in general, by elections of both the AUS and SUS- a fair number of the positions this year were uncontested or were yes/no votes. In fact, the UBC Debate Society’s election was more contested than either election (only 2 yes/no votes), just to use an example that I’m familiar with. I don’t know much about the candidates in this race, but I do recognize some of the names of the AMS reps- Matt Naylor will be continuing on in student politics, and I’m pleased to see Mike Silley there as well. Kristian Arciaga will be taking on the VP Fin job, which he should also be fantastic for given his enthusiasm about student governance this year. I’d just like to see more names and fewer yes/no votes next year!

Yes 157
No 224

President (1)
Guillaume Houle 150
Ryan Trasolini 147

VP Finance (1)
Kristian Arciaga
Yes 232
No 47

VP Internal (1)
Tracy Leung
Yes 199
No 24

VP External (1)
Kyle Warwick
Yes 194
No 26

VP Academic (1)
Regina Tay
Yes 187
No 15

VP Administration (1)
Cheryl Kornder
Yes 196
No 19

Social Coordinator (1)

Promotions Coordinator (1)
Katie Fedosenko
Yes 175
No 17

Student Services Coordinator (1)
Laura Manyari
Yes 182
No 21

MASS Coordinator (1)
Alina Kwan
Yes 179
No 24

AMS Representatives (5)
Kyle Warwick 182
Mike Silley 152
Matthew Naylor 141
Carolee Changfoot 137
Jeremy McElroy 132
Jeremy Wood 126

General Officers (2)
Sarah Bihis
Yes 178
No 40

Kelsi Biring
Yes 187
No 32

Social Officer (1)
Richa Sharma
Yes 169
No 22

Promotions Officer (1)

Student Services Officer (1)
Judy Yuen
Yes 173
No 19

MASS Officer (1)
Pelican Mann
Yes 197
No 40


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  1. How would you propose this, Maria?

    Posted by twilightcity | April 9, 2009, 7:03 pm
  2. I know that SUS has had the same problem. I know it’s hard to address, but from what I’ve learned on SUS, doing more promotion of the positions may help. I think having people do classroom announcements and letting people know what the positions entail would be great. Having an information session on the elections that is well-advertised would likewise be good (perhaps providing food might be an attraction to get more people to come). I know in SUS there has been a huge effort to recruit volunteers, particularly those in first year- I think similar efforts should be undertaken to get them to run. I find that most often, people encourage other people on Council to put their name forward- similar efforts should be made to get people outside of the current Council to run. It’s hard, for sure, but I think that a bigger advertising push may work. I can’t say I know what goes on in the AUS, of course, I’m just drawing on my SUS experience- but if they’re alike, then I think that may be effective in at least getting more people to run.

    Posted by Maria_Jogova | April 9, 2009, 7:10 pm
  3. Or you could move the AUS away from an electocracy and towards a system that makes more sense, and is more welcoming to the general student body.

    I recall a brief survey I did while on the SUS, which give an, albeit weak, indication that students are far more willing to be involved with our organizations in a volunteer capacity, rather than an elected or appointed (titled) one. Take advantage of that. Spread the informal-help net wide.

    This ballot looks like it had to be printed on legal-sized paper, and a ton of the positions are completely ambiguous. For instance what makes a good “MASS Officer”? What’s the difference between that and a “MASS Coordinator”? Shouldn’t those people be recognized by the clergy?

    Simply things. Make people want positions by giving them an ounce of trust, responsibility and power, and you will see them not only contested, but you might actually see the electorate care about who is given such discretion.

    Posted by Alex Lougheed | April 11, 2009, 4:48 pm
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