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Question Period!

Hey gang! I’m working on the new version of the site, and I’m wondering what you want to see out of it. Final decisions will rest with the editorial board but we’re open to suggestions.

Note to our readers

Hi everyone: I just recieved an email regarding the new Voter Funded Media system: Only 15 people are registered to vote. Needless to say this is bad for democracy, because I can get my three roomates and brother to vote and sweep the contest. Now then. As approved by AMS council, VFM is now running [...]

Historical review of SDS

A historical polemic by UBC alum Mike Thicke Do you know who the man in this picture is? If not, you probably lack a lot of knowledge that would be helpful in understanding the current activist climate at UBC. With Trek Park, the “Lougheed Affair”, and the recent Knoll Aid 2.0 RCMP confrontation, tension within [...]

Block Party, in photos.

so my day started with the RBF, who had waterguns and when not hitting each other with them (or getting yelled at for getting too close to the camera) were going to defend the KNO to the Knoll folks during their counterprotest of the Knoll. Here’s Tyler, RBF President, threatening someone. It turns out the [...]

quickie update.

Looks like Kwantlen won’t be leaving the CFS just yet. Steve Lee, KUSA Director of Finance, had this to say (via MSN): “one major complaint was the high amount of stuff – free food, donuts, candy, isic cards, buttons – that the cfs was giving away.when we put forward a set of rules to the [...]

Good luck on exams everyone!!

An Open Letter to the AMS

Sometimes in times of crisis it’s important to look at the big picture. So that’s what I’m going to attempt here. Make no mistake – the AMS has as fundamental a crisis as it can realistically expect to face. Since it has mandatory membership its very existence is not at stake, but its ability to [...]

B.C. PSE budgets are actually being cut

Last week, the Vancouver Sun broke a story about the Campbell government’s decision to deviate from the expected funding levels for post-secondary institutions by redistributing some money, boosting health care and trade training in some colleges and cutting university funding. I wrote a post saying how reasonable this was with respect to strategic development of [...]

Updates on the Arrests

Edit/Update: Here are some more details from the CBC website, a video and an eyewitness account from Blake Frederick, elected Senator and student. We will write a more thorough analysis as more details become available. Update 2: A judge will determine around 1pm today (Saturday April 5) at the DTES Criminal Court whether the five [...]

25 students detained during peaceful protest

(restructured post for new readers)Students peacefully protest the arrest of a fellow student Photocredit: Geoff Dunbrack On April 4th students lit a bonfire and held a music and dance night in support of the grassy knoll on campus. The Fire Department arrived to put out the large bonfire, and this escalated into a number of [...]

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