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results photos!

I’ve got them up here; there might be a commentary post up later but it seems sort of silly given what’s going on.

Unofficial Results

Courtesy of the Ubyssey, we have preliminary numbers for the races. These aren’t official and haven’t been ratified, but here they are for your perusal, regardless. President Blake v Paul Paul v Alex Blake v Alex Blake Paul Paul Alex Blake Alex 2701 1645 1238 2653 2442 2400 PresidentAlex > Paul – 1415Blake > Paul [...]

VFM Results:

$1800 UBC Spectator $1500 Radical Beer Tribune $1200 UBC Student Media $1100 UBC Insiders $1000 The Knoll $700 FairVote UBC $400 The Devils Advocate $300 AMS Gossip Guy a) thank you. b) this is all Maria. She’s a machine; sick at home in bed and she still manages to scoop me on results… and I [...]

UBC Engineering prank gets a failing grade

details are sketchy, but there are multiple reports that five Engineering students were arrested early this morning after their attempt to hang the shell of a VW Beetle off the Second Narrows bridge. More news is available from CTV and The Ubyssey.


I’ve got photos from Jello Wrestling here, and will have more from the last debates up later today as well as commentary on both events. Before that, though, I should get some sleep.

Quote of the day

“I hate democracy.” – Sarina Rehal, AMS Elections Administrator 2008/09

Debates, January 27

Today’s debates were definitely the most sparsely attended, as seen here: It’s too bad this debate was empty; I thought this was the best chance to get a feel for the candidates, since they’d had a chance to thoroughly adjust their platforms and approaches.VFM Coordinator Mitch Wright moderated the debates, as AJ was apparently nowhere [...]

BREAKING: Jeremy Wood pulls out of VP Academic race

According to [source's name removed at source's request.], Jeremy Wood will be dropping out of the VP Academic race and endorsing Sonia Purewal. More on this as it develops.

Adventures in Retraction

I didn’t take notes at a debate, and it showed; I misattributed a question during the debates, and when I received a note from someone to bolster a group I immediately jumped on it instead of taking the time to ensure I was talking about the right person. It was unprofessional of me, and unfair [...]

Link-splosion, January 23

As we come to the end of the first week of campaigning, here’s a look at some of the stuff we’ve been reading: A Perspective from the Ubyssey about how the War on Fun is really just paperwork, and a rebuttal from the Radical Beer Tribune. A first from the Ubyssey: a video recap and [...]

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