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Story Time- An Adventure with Poll Answers

I’ve noticed a funny thing about polls. If you arrange them such that they seem really random, you can still come up with an interesting story based on readers’ opinions. This one is pretty short, and fairly straightforward, but I think works out alright, if you’re not too strict with timelines and such.Once upon a [...]

Senate, anyone?

While I’ve been busy blogging about most of the ongoing races, I sort of let it slip from my memory that there aren’t any people running for Senate this year. It turns out that only 2 people submitted nomination forms, and as a result they automatically get seats. Currently, the available seats are being offered [...]


I’ve got photos from Jello Wrestling here, and will have more from the last debates up later today as well as commentary on both events. Before that, though, I should get some sleep.

A summary of endorsements (so far)

Here’s a summary of the endorsements from all the different blogs!UBC Insiders MariaPresident – 1) Blake Frederick, 2) Alex Monegro, 3) Paul KorczykVP Academic and University Affairs – 1) Johannes Rebane VP Administration – 1) Kommander Keg (yes, even I’m surprised by this one) 2) Tristan MarkleVP External – 1) Tim Chu 2) Ignacio RodriguezVP [...]

Quote of the day

“I hate democracy.” – Sarina Rehal, AMS Elections Administrator 2008/09


Here are my endorsements for the election. I’m trying to have be brief in my explanations. I do have a qualm with this election- namely, there are no candidates that really stand out, or that are particularly wonderful. So overall I find these elections sort of disappointing, but I do feel like there could be [...]


You can now vote at! It’s quick and easy- remember to rank you choices for candidates. Please note that you only have 2 minutes to make your selections before it times out (yes, it’s really silly). I’m a little disappointed by how little advertisement there has been of this election, and how little effort [...]

Pit Night!

There was a somewhat peculiar piece of business at tonight’s AMS council meeting. Should AMS councilors be allowed to sneak into Pit Night via a back entrance after council meetings?After receiving a number of complaints (from myself included; the Ubyssey also wrote an editorial), the AMS’s Business Operations Committee recently decided to disallow entrance to [...]

Jeremy Wood- must we really resort to these tactics?

As a member of Jeremy Wood’s facebook support group (and please note: I support everyone in the elections if they have a facebook group and invite me to join it), I have received a message with the following excerpt in my facebook inbox: Just a note: I’ve heard a lot of you saying that after [...]

Condorcet voting

A brief explanation, in case people don’t quite know what it is.1.) You rank the candidates on the ballot. Tied rankings are allowed, as far as I know.2.) Each candidate is compared to the other candidates on the ballot.3.) The votes are counted by pitting every candidate against every other candidate in a series of [...]

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