Story Time- An Adventure with Poll Answers

I’ve noticed a funny thing about polls. If you arrange them such that they seem really random, you can still come up with an interesting story based on readers’ opinions. This one is pretty short, and fairly straightforward, but I think works out alright, if you’re not too strict with timelines and such.

Once upon a time, the AMS decided to hold an election. Only this time, it would be a very special, novel sort of election, where candidates would be elected on their dancing skills and creativity. Some of the candidates first went to Cold Fusion to warm up their dancing skills. There, Tim Chu was seen breaking it down, while Mike Duncan raised the roof with his boa, wig, and Kanye-West like blue glasses that were so indicative of his dedication to Science. Johannes also showed up, showing everyone up with his fashion know-how. And Kommander Keg was also on the scene, lurking. They then left for the weekend, knowing that Monday they would be back on the campaign trail.

Monday rolled around, and the candidates all gathered for the last show-down. Each had to dance to a song selected by members of the audience. The VP External candidates decided to do a war dance, which they performed in a pool full of green jello. It went over well, but they were sadly overshadowed by Michael Duncan’s pole dancing to “I can’t get no satisfaction”. The audience was eager to cast their votes, but found themselves slightly confused in the new system, although most people seemed to like it. You see, votes needed to be cast by none other than carrier pigeon. Due to the Vancouver pigeon shortage, however, very few could vote, as there was a pigeon shortage in Vancouver. Luckily, votes could also be cast online, which got a few more people out. However, most students couldn’t quite figure out what relevance dance had to the elections, and most simply walked by, paying no attention to the contestants, while dancing fans stood around and blogged about their performances.


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