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Debates, January 27

Today’s debates were definitely the most sparsely attended, as seen here: It’s too bad this debate was empty; I thought this was the best chance to get a feel for the candidates, since they’d had a chance to thoroughly adjust their platforms and approaches.VFM Coordinator Mitch Wright moderated the debates, as AJ was apparently nowhere [...]

The IBC responds

Response by Jason Ng to the statement made by AMS Candidates: Several AMS elections candidates recently issued a statement claiming that we did not speak with them prior to issuing our endorsements for this election. The International Business Club reviewed all the candidates’ platforms, including those of the 6 candidates who issued the statement. Their [...]

Jello wrestling

Jello wrestling is happening tomorrow (Wednesday), contrary to the day listed in the poll. I would encourage y’all to come out and support Science week, even if you aren’t science students. Perks include free entertainment, watching live wrestling, and potentially (and hopefully) seeing some of the AMS candidates duke it out in the ring. I [...]

An interesting statement

I recently received an emailed statement made by some of the candidates running in this election. The statement is as follows: The following represents a joint statement by Blake Frederick, Paul Korczyk, David Nogas, Sonia Purewal, Iggy Rodriguez, and Jeremy Wood: Recently, the International Business Club elected to endorse a number of candidates for Executive [...]

In other election news…the BC-STV vote

Bruce Krayenhoff outlines benefits to students of voting in favour of the STV.Why is the BC-STV Referendum So Important for Students? First of all, research strongly suggests that more representative voting systems do result in better government, so students like everyone else will benefit from better, more stable and more accountable government if BC-STV is [...]

Presidential Platforms: Alex Monegro

After a bit of a delay, Alex Monegro’s platform is up and running, and actually looks quite good. The platform outlines some interesting and important points. Below is some analysis of his plans for next year.The first thing I like about Alex’s platform is his approach to issues that are of importance to students- things [...]


I get to campus today, and what’s the first thing I notice? Ubiquitous chalk graffiti covering the sidewalks, walls of buildings. I can’t seem to escape the bright colours telling me to vote for iRod. It’s like being stuck in some sort of psychedelic dream, only one that’s not going quite as planned because instead [...]

Guest Post: Part I

This is Serious Steve from the Devil’s Advocate with the first part of a guest post. By posting here I am freed from my obligation to be hilarious, so I hope I make up for that in analysis. I’m going to talk about races in which my opinion is fairly settled, which means this post [...]

Interviews: Paul Korczyk.

The interviews continue! This one is chock full of hockey commentary, which I quite enjoyed, and give props to.1.) If you had to choose one thing from your platform that you would work on, which would it be and why?When players talk to eachother on the ice, everything breaks down, and you won’t be winning [...]

Words from the wise man of past: Darren Peets

Many of you know him as the Firehydrant, some of you may know him as Darren Peets, but regardless of how you may refer to him, you probably all know him to be someone who knows a heck of a lot about the BoG. Below is an article he wrote for the Insiders about the [...]

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