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Hi everyone: I just recieved an email regarding the new Voter Funded Media system:

Only 15 people are registered to vote. Needless to say this is bad for democracy, because I can get my three roomates and brother to vote and sweep the contest. Now then.

As approved by AMS council, VFM is now running on a continuus model that offers smaller prizes for media on a monthly or bi-monthly cycle

From (Mark Latham’s site) here are registration and voting instructions:

Email your UBC campus-wide login ID (not password) to
mark[at] I forward them to UBC staff, who usually upload them Mon
Wed & Fri mornings. You only need to register once for the whole year of
periodic contests. (Better do this by April 27 if you want to vote in this
contest period ending April 30.)

Log in at
Click on “VOTE – VoterMedia”. You vote once in each contest period.

While this registration process is a bit cumbersome, it’ll only cost you one email. Of course we’d love if you choose us, but check out all the other worthy media too. They’re listed at Any prize money we win will be chiefly dedicated over the coming months to transitioning into a new and more dynamic blogging platform.

In other news, I’ve written about 5000 words in the last 30 hours. And still one thesis to go. Sigh.


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