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Frederick Ruling Overturned

If you haven’t already been informed – it looks like Blake Frederick’s disqualification has been overturned. More details to come. Update 1: Hopefully the president elect will see to it that members of the Appointments Committee be chosen carefully, and the hiring of the EA happens, like, yesterday.

Philosophical ideas on slates, freedom of assembly, democracy etc can and have already been extensively debated on numerous other posts. As of right now, we should depart on a bit of a tangent in examining the system within the post-slate era that UBC students currently find themselves in. It seems to me like there are [...]

Updates on the Arrests

Edit/Update: Here are some more details from the CBC website, a video and an eyewitness account from Blake Frederick, elected Senator and student. We will write a more thorough analysis as more details become available. Update 2: A judge will determine around 1pm today (Saturday April 5) at the DTES Criminal Court whether the five [...]

25 students detained during peaceful protest

(restructured post for new readers)Students peacefully protest the arrest of a fellow student Photocredit: Geoff Dunbrack On April 4th students lit a bonfire and held a music and dance night in support of the grassy knoll on campus. The Fire Department arrived to put out the large bonfire, and this escalated into a number of [...]

Financial Aid and Tuition

I have been meaning to post about this for quite some time now, being heavily subsidized by a european government to study one of the most expensive programs in a college (medical) for a registration fee (covering a half year buspass as well as heavily discounted warm lunches) of 200 Euros (300 CAD) a semester. [...]

Why can’t we all just get along? the executive dynamics post.

Once upon a time amidst the tacky coloured walls of the Almar Mater Society’s student union building, executive council was dominated by slates (basically political parties). Back then, elections were in some ways more colourful (in both the literal and figurative sense). Brand names were recognizable from miles away – the extreme conservative “The Right [...]

A place to sprout?

About 20 students crowd sociably around tables cradling bowls of vegetable soup and mugs of coffee in mismatched dishes. Others wander in empty handed and leave munching apples or organic chocolate. Two people behind the counter cut thick slices of bread and open jars full of brownies and muffins which they hand over on plates, [...]

Check in.

Hello everyone. I would invite us all to think about what sort of issues we have yet to cover on this blog. We’ve been feverishly covering the elections, but we would like to continue to focus on the issues. We of course accept emails too, if you don’t want to leave a comment. Thank you.

Yet another threat Vancouver Campus Advisory — New Threat ReceivedTue. Feb. 5, 4:15 pm Broadcast message to all UBC Vancouver Students, Faculty and Staff from President Stephen J. Toope For the second time in a week, our Vancouver campus community has received a threatening message. In this second case, an unspecific threat has been made for Wednesday. [...]

BioScience Building locked down

from the UBC website: There has been a police incident at the Bio Sciences Building, which is located at the intersection of Main Mall and University Boulevard at the University of British Columbia. On the advice of the RCMP, the Bio Sciences Building has been locked down. Building occupants have been instructed to stay where [...]

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