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March 2008 AMS Referendum results

Don’t forget the below posts. It’s a busy week!Well, unoficial results are in, and all the questions have been approved with a majority ‘yes’ vote. Here are the numbers: Overall turnout: 44%Total votes: 18,446 U-Pass renewal NO: 500 YES: 17,945 ; 97.2% in favourBylaw reforms NO: 1284 YES: 4357 ; 77.3% in favourWUSC (student refugee [...]

UBC school of music takes a stand against CBC Radio 2 butchering

I admit, this is a topic that I would have written about regardless of the UBC angle. I’m that angry over it. And you should be too. Our wonderful public broadcaster needs to listen to its listeners, for once. CBC management, with the wisdom of it’s lobotomized-gerbil brain trust, decided last Thursday to disband the [...]

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