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An Open Letter to the AMS

Sometimes in times of crisis it’s important to look at the big picture. So that’s what I’m going to attempt here. Make no mistake – the AMS has as fundamental a crisis as it can realistically expect to face. Since it has mandatory membership its very existence is not at stake, but its ability to [...]

Student Court Decision

The Student Court released its decision today in the VP Academic matter. They allowed the appeal, ordering that Alex Lougheed be disqualified. The Court left the matter of how to fill the vacancy up to the AMS Executive. More to come later, undoubtedly after Council. But, for those interested, the excerpt that outlines the reasoning [...]

Weekend Update

Various and sundry news items: At SFU, the defederation referendum passed. Over 66% of voters voted in favour of leaving the CFS. 4500 votes were cast. To student politics people, this kind of referendum is the Most Important Thing Ever. But it goes to show that, to students writ large, it really isn’t that big [...]

UBC and the NCAA

[I’d meant to write this sooner, but work commitments sapped my time and writing energies. As well, there’s a very good Ubyssey article on the subject; read it here. I also note that there has been some discussion at AMS Exec about the Athletics fee; I’m not sure what it is, and I’m not sure [...]

Disconnected sundry thoughts

VFM Hasn’t FailedLast year we (the VFMs, collectively) created a discourse around issues in the election, and there was a meaningful campaign for the first time in a long while. This year has been less successful, but the media are still influencing how candidates comport themselves and, heck, we even convinced a joke candidate to [...]

TLG’s Guide to Voting

Now don’t go and get your knickers in a knot – these aren’t endorsements. Far be it from me to, from the comfort of my 26th-story office, pass judgment on candidates I barely know, in an election in which I am ineligible to cast a vote. So rather than saying whom to vote for, I’ll [...]

Issue of the day: Campus life

Boy, it’s hard to write “Issue” posts when there’s no candidate platforms four days before voting. Oh wait, the campaign just started today. Never mind that, then. Last year I spent a lot of time harping on what I see as the slow and steady decline since I first came to UBC in the good [...]

Allan McEachern

It’s elections season. The posts will be coming fast and furious. Please scroll for Brendon’s thoughtful first Issue of the Day. UBC’s Chancellor Allan McEachern died last week. And over the weekend had a bit of a chance to reminisce and reflect. He led a fascinating life. His death is reverberating through the legal community; [...]

More ACF Post-Mortem

Maayan keeps nagging me to post. I never do. Quite frankly, there’s little UBC-related stuff that can raise my ire and I’m able to comment on in a public forum. This is one such issue.There are two universal UBC experiences. Imagine UBC, and Arts County Fair. Seriously. Think about it – is there any event, [...]

I quite enjoy "Inside Higher Ed"

First, read this article. Short version: How University administrators co-opt their student representatives. An interesting reflection on a position into which almost all student “representatives” are placed. Then, read its follow-up: It’s about the importance of Presidential leadership when it comes to the student experience at a University. Then go back to enjoying the long [...]

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