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Does UBC need a VP Students?

Disclaimer: I have some privileged information on subjects related to this one. But any information contained herein comes from some other source; nothing in here is confidential in any way. Brian Sullivan has served as UBC’s Vice-President, Students (VPS) since 1999. His portfolio includes the registrar’s office, alumni, recruitment, student development, housing, athletics, student services, [...]

Campus 2020

The Campus 2020 report was released today. Click here to see the site. Warning – it’s 114 pages long. You’ll recall this is the province’s exercise in “re-thinking” the post-secondary education system and providing a vision for the future. It’s long. I’d read it but it’s hockey night and I’m packing up and leaving my [...]

Lobbying: by Tim

From the archives, circa 2007. Insiders alumnus Tim Louman-Gardiner, now a practising lawyer, waxes polemic about effective student advocacy.

Virginia Tech Shootings

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the campus shootings at Virginia Tech. Tragic, sad, shocking… all barely begin to describe it. It raises thoughts. Like when there’s a shooting at 7am and a murderer known to be at large, why don’t you lock down the campus and cancel classes to avoid exactly what happened two [...]

Governance Part II: UBC Properties Trust

Once again, this is inspired by Tristan Markle’s excellent letter to the Ubyssey. He identifies UBC Properties Trust as a key driving force in the U.Blvd decision. He’s quite right. But the UBCPT question is one that’s far more broad than UBlvd; in fact, I’d argue it’s a fundamental threat to the University’s governance. So, [...]

Corporate Governance I: BoG

Since my time on the Board, I’ve taken an interest in governance best practices. And if not that, at least been more keenly aware of the relationships that build at Board levels, how the selection of a key few political appointees can really make a difference. To that end I was particularly intrigued by the [...]

Ask Dr. Wieman

Later this week, our own Maayan Kreitzman will have a sit-down interview with Dr. Carl Wieman of his eponymous Science Education Initiative. (See below.) We’ve got some questions, but we thought we’d put it to our readers – what questions would you like to ask Dr. Wieman? What about his initiative, science education, philosophy, or [...]


So Council has approved the creation of an oversight committee and stacked it with code fiends. Fun fun. While it’s not necessarily a bad thing, I don’t think it’s the best model. Why? No oversight of Council. We’re all about exec transparency, but Council is just as important in the operations of the AMS as [...]


The Ubyssey covers it well. My short version: non-campus students want U-Pass, AMS asked Student Court if they were members under the bylaws, Student Court said yes, AMS sent question back for clarification, Student Court says they are entitled to be AMS members. The AMS Student Court says that co-op students should be members.AMS Exec [...]

Bigger is better?

I’m very loyal to Arts. But people tend to respond defensively when I criticize, so I’m forced to preface this by saying “please don’t respond defensively.” In their most recent elections, the AUS had 400 voters. SUS? 1400. Which is quite the difference. But it’s even more stark if you realize for a second that [...]

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