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As I gaze longingly back at years of yore, reflecting on my precious half-decade involved at UBC, I can’t help but notice the absolute depths to which campus community have plummeted. Seriously. Where are all the beer gardens? I used to love beer gardens. Not because I’d get smashed, but because it was where the [...]

The Knowledge Gap

I don’t want to draw attention away from the post below. Read it, too. But that’s why I’ve hidden this one behind a jump. But don’t let that stop you from reading this one, either. Read it all! Just remember there’s two new posts tonight. We’re busy.Don’t worry, this isn’t a post about the Ubyssey. [...]

AUS Presidental Slap-Fest

I don’t like writing about elections. But it’s kinda our bread and butter, and people seem to enjoy it. Hmm. To begin, my colleague has taken the AUS to task for its elections administration. In short, I differ in her assessment, to a point. The voting has been highly visible, well-planned and well-executed; I suspect [...]


Athletics has decided not to close the Aquatic Centre gym! They apologized for the process, and agreed to find other ways to deal with the (minor) issues raised like liability, class space, and old machines. This is a victory that happened because the AMS and students at large worked together. The AMS reps couldn’t have [...]

The VP Carousel

Stephen Toope was hired almost exactly one year ago. Since then two VPs have resigned, and a third will be gone in a few years (BSull). We’ve also hired a new DVC (Deputy Vice-Chancellor, or the person in charge of UBC Okanagan). UBC’s undergoing a serious period of internal change. Before I look at it, [...]

Neat new stuff

And a plug. I refer readers to Maclean’s Education. A helluva site with tons of good articles. There’s a very useful piece on how to get a reference letter for grad school, a skill that students far too often find themselves without. And even discussions on Facebook. Apparently Spencer Keys (a friend of the show) [...]

Budget Highlights

Where I read it. So you don’t have to! The first thing to note is that post-secondary education (PSE) isn’t the showpiece of the budget. But there are a few tweaks and spending increases that will be of interest. It’s also important to note the possible implications of the equalization formula calculations – a province’s [...]

It’s politics – suck it up

(NB: This post is poorly written and rant-y. Mostly it’s a thinly veiled response to the personality conflicts that were the big “scandal” of the SUS elections. But it’s no scandal at all. It’s really just a personality clash masquerading as about “leadership” or “issues.” Also, I hate when people throw around the word “libel.” [...]

Aquatic Centre Gym, Part II

First, I should note an addendum to my previous post. Rec has released their proposed fee reductions. They’re very good. They’re 25-30% in the Elite (refereed) divisions, and 45-50% in the Co-rec. This is a very welcome development. Something interesting happened with the Aquatic Centre Gym closure. Note Tuesday’s Ubyssey – there were two stories, [...]

Aquatic Centre Gym, Part I

So the University decided to close the Aquatic Centre Gym. Students fought back. There’s the story. The first part is dedicated to the gym and the background – Part II will discuss the very interesting student response. Why is the gym important?On its face, it may not be. The Bird Coop is bigger, there are [...]

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