The Ubyssey covers it well. My short version: non-campus students want U-Pass, AMS asked Student Court if they were members under the bylaws, Student Court said yes, AMS sent question back for clarification, Student Court says they are entitled to be AMS members.

The AMS Student Court says that co-op students should be members.
AMS Exec and Council disagree.

So what to do? They decide to “ignore” the whole question, rather than “reject” it. Apparently they will negotiate individually with those students.

I’m not gonna lie – I don’t understand how they can do that. What’s the point of a student court, exactly, if we can just ignore its ruling by putting our hands over our ears and pretending not to hear? What’s now to stop a co-op or commerce diploma student from going to student court on their own initiative to force the AMS to make them part of their membership? More troublingly, what’s stopping a co-op student from going to real court to seek a similar interpretation?

It was said at Council by the execs that “we couldn’t get a result we wanted.” That seems kinda wrong, no?


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