Virginia Tech Shootings

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the campus shootings at Virginia Tech. Tragic, sad, shocking… all barely begin to describe it.

It raises thoughts. Like when there’s a shooting at 7am and a murderer known to be at large, why don’t you lock down the campus and cancel classes to avoid exactly what happened two hours later? And how important campus health and wellness programs, initiatives, and people can be. Mostly, it’s important that every member of a campus community feel at home. And don’t forget about the important college/university experience that’s been shattered for thousands of students.

It’s one thing to murder someone; it’s quite another to mindlessly slaughter. My own personal reaction, is that I was in the same grade as Reena Virk in Victoria, a year behind Harris/Klebold, and the same age as the Dawson college gunman. What is it about this age cohort that makes us more likely to act out like this? I find that element of it really striking. Is there some disconnect? I have no idea.

(I’m presuming right now that the shooter was a student. I have no idea if that’s the case or not.)


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