Weekend Update

Various and sundry news items:

  • At SFU, the defederation referendum passed. Over 66% of voters voted in favour of leaving the CFS. 4500 votes were cast. To student politics people, this kind of referendum is the Most Important Thing Ever. But it goes to show that, to students writ large, it really isn’t that big of a deal. Hmm.
  • The Globe and Mail contains an op-ed piece whose central idea is that the budget contains relatively good news for low-income students. The summary is that they’ve pretty much killed the Millennium Scholarship money, re-vamping low-income grants, and increasing and stabilizing funding levels. They’re not relying on loans or loan forgiveness; the money will come throughout the school year. This is very good. They’ve also promised a “review” of the student loan system; who knows what that means, but the system sure as heck needs a review. Regardless, the piece is worth a read.
  • The Vancouver Sun wrote that government funding for universities isn’t up to the levels promised in the funding letter. AvEd has decided to re-allocate funding, rather than just put it generally into universities. Anybody know what specific impact that had/will have at UBC?


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