Race: VP Administration

The Vice President Administration is responsible for the workings of the Student Union Building, from ensuring the New SUB project is on track to managing the use, maintenance, and conditions of the current building, and is responsible for ensuring SUB businesses comply with the Society’s Ethical Purchasing Policy. The Vice President Administration represents the Society on a variety of UBC boards and committees, including the University Athletic Council and the Walter Gage Memorial Fund Committee, and chairs the Student Administrative Commission (SAC), offering guidance, room bookings, and office space to the over 300 AMS clubs. They are also responsible for the maintenance of the Whistler Lodge.

Name: Elaine Kuo
Age: 22
Year: 4
Faculty or program: Arts English literature
Past Campus involvement:
UBC Orientations squad leader
English Students’ Association president
AUS student services coordinator
AMS Student Administrative Commission member-at-large

Why should students care for a new SUB, particularly if they are graduating before it is built? In your opinion, what has been the weak point in the New SUB Project, and how will you fix it?

Being a senior student, I myself will not be here to see the completion of the new SUB, but I believe we should leave the campus a better place than we found it and it is where students’ AMS fees are going so they should take an interest in how their money is being used. I think the new SUB project needs to promote the new SUB more and instead of waiting for students to ask questions or look at the renderings, the new SUB committee should involve first and second year students more by asking them via social media and focus groups if the aspects of the SUB meet their expectations.

We’re about to break ground on New SUB construction. How do you see this building (and along with that, the AMS) interacting with other UBC stakeholders and the wider community?

I’m very excited about the commencement of construction on the new SUB. I would work with other stakeholders such as the Aquatic Centre and the businesses along University Boulevard to ensure minimal inconvenience during construction and maximum partnership upon completion. I anticipate the new SUB being the hub of student life where students can find a comfortable space that serves all their needs.

Both Caroline and Elaine mentioned platform points on club administration and in particular, the Student Administration Committee. What has been a problem within SAC, and how will you change that?

Being a club executive myself, I often find the rules in the SAC policy handbook hard to navigate and applying for club grants a little tedious. I would like to establish an online database where clubs can find all the information including constitution, membership lists, budget templates, and applications for additional resources like the Clubs Benefit Fund.

I would better promote the Clubs Benefit Fund by providing specific examples of eligible projects and establishing a new award for the club that makes the best use of the fund.

Another significant issue is the lack of AMS account codes for new clubs which would improve by staying on top of de-constituting inactive clubs and encouraging similar clubs to share account codes.

What is your opinion regarding the 4 referendum questions?

I would encourage students to vote yes to the referendum questions. The Student Spaces Fund is underused and the money could be reallocated for more effective use. The UBC Ombudsman Office is a valuable service which is important to contribute to in case students should need it when they feel they’ve been unfairly treated by the university. The Whistler Lodge is valuable service but the money made from the sale of the lodge could be used to fund students’ trips to Whistler in different ways. I think art exists to be seen, so the three pieces should be sold and the money used to acquire new pieces as well as fund art initiatives and programs on campus.

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