UBC Insiders On Air, Episode 20 – David Eby and Jessica Schmidt

Jessica Schmidt and David Eby

This week, news with Jessica Schmidt of Her Campus UBC, and a feature interview with Vancouver Point Grey MLA and all-round cool guy Dave Eby.

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  1. I’m a member of the UEL’s community advisory council (CAC) and I want to clarify a point that David Eby made:
    The UEL residents asked the province for an incorporation study, not a general governance review. The specific goal is incorporation of the UEL into a real municipality, not to explore all possible options.

    From what I remember, a general review was done before my time in the UEL that included options like joining Vancouver, incorporating with the UNA and UBC, etc. The outcome was that anything other than a UEL incorporation was not desirable for UEL residents.

    Posted by Jean-Fran├žois | February 13, 2016, 12:04 pm
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