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UBC Insiders On Air, episode 16 – Fall Season Finale

In this week’s special show, we have UBC Insiders alum Alex Lougheed on the news beat. We then interview Philip Steenkamp, UBC’s brand new VP External on how it feels to be the adult in the room after a tumultuous season of UBC news. Then, we have a special segment with Sam Fenn and Gordon [...]

UBC Insiders On Air, episode 14: on-location reports, and Jennifer Berdahl

This week, Neal and I hit the streets with several on-location clips from things happening around campus. We catch a macabre protest organized by 4th year English student Gretta Dattan – a funeral for our school mascot Thunder. We also stopped by a campus and community planning open house and chatted with Andrew Parr (the [...]

UBC Insiders On Air Episode 12 – Madeline, Vern & Julie

This week we talk news with Madeline Taylor, the Spoken Word Coordinator (and our best ally) at CiTR. Madeline is a former member of the feminist collective at SFU’s radio station CJSF, and she helps us talk through two emerging stories of sexual assault on campus. On our interview, student Board of Governors reps Julie Van de Valk and Veronica Knott join us to mostly talk about BoG transparency issues.

UBC Insiders On Air, Episode 9 – Paul Bucci and Sheldon Goldfarb

This week, former Ubyssey editor-in-chief and Syrup Trap co-conspirator Paul Bucci joins us on the news beat. For our interview, we talk to Sheldon Goldfarb, the long time archivist of the AMS.

UBC Insiders On Air, episode 8 – Moira Warburton and John Robinson

On this week’s show, Moira Warburton of the Ubyssey joins us for the weekly roundup. We talk about a change to the society act, tuition policy, election, and the Ubyssey’s recent features spread, “Whose Campus” We then talk to UBC’s sustainability guru John Robinson over skype from Toronto. John has just left UBC after 23 [...]

UBC Insiders On Air, episode 7 – Mark Mac Lean

  This week, Neal and I do the news roundup by our lovely selves.¬† We then interview Mark Mac Lean, the president of the UBC faculty association, about the FA’s role in the the aftermath of the Gupta resignation, and his thoughts about the Berdahl affair, university governance, and advocacy. Some episode links: The AMS [...]

International Tuition Increases – 5 year plan

UBC has announced its latest round of substantial tuition hikes for international students. For most undergraduate programs, it will be increasing in the 40-50% range over three years. For some graduate programs the increases are up to 100%. Consultations will be held with students, but these will be limited it to where the university should [...]

UBC Insiders On Air, episode 5: Arno Rosenfeld and Hannah Wittman

  On this week’s show, Ubyssey features editor Arno Rosenfeld joins us for the weekly news roundup, and to discuss his cover story on a leaked UBC seismic report. We also talk about the new grocery store at the SUB, food poisoning at the Harvest Feast, UBC’s centennial, and comic relief at the Board of [...]

UBC Insiders On Air, episode 4: the Great BoG Panel of 2015

  AMS councilor Viet Vu stops by for this week’s news roundup, where we discuss UBC’s new VP, AMS governance review, Varsity athletics and transit referendum voter turnout. Then former student Board of Governors reps¬† Tim Louman-Gardiner, Azim Wazeer, and Darren Peets join us for the great BoG panel of 2015. New VP External AMS [...]

UBC Insiders On-Air Episode 2 – Daniel Munro & Spencer Keys

This week, we have our weekly roundup and chatting with Spencer Keys. We then have an interview with Daniel Munro, the co-chair of the UBC Vancouver student senate caucus.

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