UBC Insiders On Air, episode 7 – Mark Mac Lean


Young Mark Mac Lean, back when he was Maayan's 1st year math prof in 2004

This week, Neal and I do the news roundup by our lovely selves.  We then interview Mark Mac Lean, the president of the UBC faculty association, about the FA’s role in the the aftermath of the Gupta resignation, and his thoughts about the Berdahl affair, university governance, and advocacy.

Some episode links:

  • The AMS block party has no venue Link
  • International student tuition to increase by 50% Link
  • Lynn Smith fact finding report in Jennifer Berdahl academic freedom case released Link
  • Board of Governors chair John Montalbano resigns Link
  • Montalbano’s statement Link
  • Faculty association reaction to fact finding report Link
  • Jennifer Berdahl’s reaction to fact finding report Link

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