UBC Insiders On Air, Episode 9 – Paul Bucci and Sheldon Goldfarb

Our obliging guests, Paul Bucci and Sheldon Goldfarb

This week, former Ubyssey editor-in-chief and Syrup Trap co-conspirator Paul Bucci joins us on the news beat. We talk about silly Kinesiology fees, tuition consultations, a money fight between the AMS and UBC Development, and the vision for UBC athletics.

For our interview, we talk to Sheldon Goldfarb, the long time archivist of the AMS about a book he is writing impressionistically documenting one hundred years of students at UBC. He shares some favorite stories, and recites his famous poem “Does it Mater?”

Some episode links:

UPDATE: As of the AMS council meeting on October 28th, the KUS building fee seems to be dead. The AMS voted to postpone the motion to ratify the referendum result (ie. approve the fee), indefinitely, essentially making it go away. This, at the behest of the Kinesiology Undergraduate Society president, who realized retrospectively how bad a deal it was for students.


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